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Welcome to my ebook cover – ART website.

My book cover designs are originals or one-of-a-kind.

The To Kill in Fire book cover was created from three major, fine art, oil paintings. Not something you knock up in a weekend. Not all my Ryn Shell book covers are that complex. The Courage To Kill cover has two original artworks merged into the background and two stock photo images used in the foreground which were then overpainted to create a one-of-a-kind book cover. If you are looking for something unique, I may be able to assist you. Comment on the blog or make contact through Twitter or Facebook. Don’t expect me to have much available in the way of ready-made stock.

The last picture, showing the cover of my autobiographical short story, HOPE, uses two licensed photo stock covers, and is the lowest cost book cover sample that I can create, but, be aware, with photo stock book covers, you have an affordable option, but never a unique cover. I create using art images from a fifty-year career as a professional artist, and from my current art designs. I am an award winning artist, multi-mediums, and I’m also the author of these books, and I have a good understanding of book marketing.

 I specialise in using my original artwork combined with several licensed photo stock, high jpg images, and photo manipulating them using Photoshop, to create exclusive images, ideal for book covers, for clients. POA. Expect to pay between $500 and $1,000. for an original art and Photoshop manipulated photo image cover.

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I will create covers by blending and merging three or more license photo images so that the client doesn’t have the higher cost of an artwork involved in creating a unique book cover.

You will see examples of ebook covers created from photo images, or adapted purchased cover designs, in the Ryn Shell books, Hope, To Kill for a Ghost, To Kill or Escape and Starstruck.

How much to create such a cover? Why not chat to me about what you would like. There is no obligation to proceed, our initial consultation and up to the first draft is free. I prefer to charge authors who accept the first completed work less than authors who want multiple changes, that initial consultation and getting the first draft cover is important and can help keep the completed book cover costs down.

POA. Expect to pay between $50. to $500. (price variance depends on how many alterations you request) for a one-of-a-kind, (not an original) one size, (I use 9×6 proportions unless another size is requested) book front cover from several licensed photo stock (no artwork) sources. What I do not like about book covers such as the ones below, is that while the entry cost into the book cover market may be low, you will see other published books with those same photo images on them. Even though the cover has been made into a one-of-a-kind, with photo manipulation or creative layout work, and I only sell the design to one author, licensed for one book cover use, covers created from stock photo images, without substantial amounts of original artwork included in the designs, are not original.

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This page is maintained by author, traveler, Australian historian, and artist (formerly of Buninyong Gallery) Ryn Shell.

You can discover my fiction writing at Ryn Shell Books. All of my ebook cover – ART work is one-of-a-kind or original art creations. Once you have covered your book with an exclusive Kathy Shell Gallery art cover, I have a reader/blogger friend who Writes Reviews for authors I recommend. I can assist to promote your book through Cozy Books Online if it has a clean and wholesome rating. If your work is historical fiction, you can cross-promote with other authors at the Historical Fiction Club. If you enjoy reading creative non-fiction, and creative news, pop over to my Ryn Shell Studio.